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Mazie was rescued from Animal Control. She has a large non-operable tumor in her abdomen and comes to ACR for hospice care. So far she is happy and comfortable.

Here at Another Chance Ranch we encourage everyone to embrace a plant-based diet.  Visit our GOING VEGAN page to find out why.

Molly is the chihuahua rescued from an Iowa puppy mill. She has only 5 teeth and half a jaw because of years of neglect. She does just fine now.

Phaim                                             Maggie

Recent Rescues: Patch, a mixed breed with multiple tumors that were removed by Dr. Russell at Animal Medical Clinic. After his recuperation he was adopted by a volunteer family. Mazie, a friendly old hound with an inoperable tumor. Mowgli, chained and neglected for so long his collar became embedded in his neck (click Dog Rescue page). Blue, a spotted white dog with very blue eyes. Teddie and Mam, a bonded pair of mutts surrendered by their very elderly owner. Eddie, a donkey with badly deformed back hooves. All of these animals would have been euthanized in an animal control facility had we not taken them in.

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Clara (right) lost all her teeth and half her jaw because of neglect in her previous life. She is a good eater now and is always cheerful.

Another Chance Ranch is a non-profit corporation in Saint Augustine, Florida. We are a home for animals that would otherwise have no chance at a decent quality of life: the elderly, the infirm,  the un-adoptable. We demonstrate that forgotten animals can thrive and become animated companions if they are given the right attention, food, healthcare and environment. Though we can help only a tiny fraction of animals in need, we hope that our example encourages others to give neglected animals another chance. ‚ÄčOur sanctuary is adjacent to a conservation area, and we maintain our pond and 20 acres of swampland as protected habitat for local wildlife.

In Memoriam

We have moved all of our Wisconsin rescue animals to the Saint Augustine sanctuary. These include 5 hounds rescued as puppies, whose mother died of exposure and starvation, and a chihuahua rescued from a puppy mill who spent 8 years outdoors in a rabbit hutch in Iowa. We have 11 other small dogs, mostly middle age or older, who can not find other homes, and 20 cats, either rescued from intolerable conditions or abandoned near our farm. Two old sheep and and a goat (who narrowly escaped a trip to the slaughter house), some backyard ducks and chickens, and two 100+ pound sulcata  tortoises all made the trip safely. Three days after we arrived, we were welcomed by Hurricane Matthew.

A home for  rescued animals, located in St. Augustine, FL

Georgie is a very old poodle we recently fostered. He is deaf, doesn't see too well and had his remaining teeth extracted. He likes to sit on your feet to make sure you don't go away, and he barks at the dishwasher.

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Other recent rescues include a hen who was living in a community that does not allow chickens and an abused  cat who has recovered from his injuries and his recent neutering and has been adopted.

     We have also adopted Star, a mustang who was born in a Bureau of Land Management holding facility.

     Chiquita (right) is a very timid chihuahua who spent the past year in a shelter. Since she arrived here she has had dental work (front teeth are fine as you can see), heartworm treatment and reassurance.